How to Write a Research Paper

The Steps to Follow When Writing an Argumentative Essay

Every lecturer assures students that argumentative assignments will teach students how to form an argument. This is true and only the facts will do in getting students to take the topic seriously. However, you will be thinking how fantastic it is that argumentative essays need logic to form an argument. Well, as any good study buddy will tell you, that is not true. Here are the steps to take when writing an argumentative essay.

  • Analyze the topic thoroughly.

For you to bring out your argument in an argumentative essay, you need to first understand what the topic is. What purpose does the topic hold? You can get this information from research done before. The opinion of others will point out what is missing in the assignment. Therefore, it is best to get this information first. The second step is to formulate your stance on the issue. Understand that the writer’s purpose is to inform the reader on the topic. He or she needs to convince the reader to take the topic seriously. Here are a few ways you can start your paper. Look at the nature of the subject. Understand that the only way to deliver a successful essay is through analyzing the topic. After finding your position, try to show how the opposing party has failed to deliver the required information.

  1. Break down the main arguments.

Now that you have analyzed the topic well, it is time to start your paper. By this, we mean you have to break down the arguments you have come up with. This will enable you to identify the four main points that show how the other side fails to give factual information. With the points identified, it is now time to argue the points out.

  1. Create an outline

Through a well-written outline, you will have the main points that define your points and show what you will add. It will help you create your argument easily, which makes it easy for you to transition to writing the essay.

  1. Outline the main body

This is the area where you provide all the information you have found. What are the strongest points to support your stance? Also, what are your weaknesses? Before you start to answer these questions, ensure you have a framework of what will be in the body. Therefore, there is an opening for you to state any counterarguments that you may have made.

After writing the first draft of the argumentative essay, submit it to your lecturer and ask if you have done a proper job. You can make your arguments better if you take it to your lecturer for them to correct any errors. This is because your lecturer is going to read the final submission of the paper. Therefore, give the tutor what they are going to expect, especially if you have been asked to give a convincing argument.

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