Learn to Make a Conquering Text Title

Want to create an exceptional title for your content? Be sure to check out the tips we’ve selected!

Whenever we set a first date, a job interview or even have that first chat with the mother-in-law, we take special care with our look and of course with what we say, right?

This is because making a good first impression is critical to getting along in any situation, and the thing is no different than writing for the web.

It is from reading your title that people will decide whether or not to click to read more. After all, it is the first impression the reader will have, and if the title is bad, even if you have written rich content, chances are your number of views will not be high.

In short, your title is what will define the success of your text. Obviously, the content produced is also extremely important.

However, it is not it that will attract the curiosity of the reader and generate traffic to your blog. This is the role played by the title.

In this post, you will know the secrets to arouse the interest of your reader and seduce you already in the first encounter with your text. Read, observe, and learn:

Be attractive
On the first encounter, often just by eyeing the other person you may regret the exit. After all, as soon as you first contact, you expect the other to have endeavored to be minimally pleasing to the eye, would not you? Otherwise, it will be difficult to arouse your interest, even if he or she has good content.

The title of your text represents this first glance: if it is bland and ordinary, readers will hardly have an interest in knowing you deeply. A good title therefore needs to stir up passion at first glance, making the reader want to know more about its content.

A title such as “Take better care of your cat” for example, will surely not attract as many readers as “Change your kitten’s life with these tips.” The second is stronger, more flashy, conveys a sense of urgency and, in this way, arouses more interest.

Also, being attractive means much more than arranging to conform to a pattern. It takes a lot more to conquer the reader! After all, we need to accept the fact that a different, unique person with personality calls much more attention than that which follows an aesthetic pattern.

With the title, the story is not much different. Therefore, it is necessary to show that in that content are information that will not be found anywhere else with the same level of quality.

The headline needs to be strong enough to demonstrate your personality and present something that the reader will not find on any other page while doing a search on the term on Google.
Learn to prepare
Few situations are more embarrassing than having no subject to talk to someone you want to make a good first impression – at those times, even that old time talking technique does not help.

If you want to avoid moments of this type and not be labeled “boring”, sometimes it is best to search and arrive at the meeting with options previously made to maintain the performance of the conversation.

When thinking about the title of your text, the same prior preparation should be performed, preferably using techniques like brainstorming and mind maps to find the best option.

Try to dedicate at least a few minutes before sending the text by researching and listing topics and words related to the subject, elaborating different alternatives and approaches until finally selecting the best option.

This task will require a little effort, but it is paramount to find the title most likely to win over your reader in a nutshell.

Do not hesitate to elaborate more than one title and then decide which one is most interesting to the reader. After all, you probably are not a subject matter expert and need to explore some possibilities to get the perfect title.

So, do a search on the main terms related to the topic and try to be as specific as possible. A text on “How Technology Increases Productivity” will hardly succeed because it is too broad. Meanwhile, “How to use an ERP system to increase your sales” already demonstrates a greater knowledge on the subject by having more specific words.

Count on weight references
In first encounters of any kind, we hardly give credit and confidence to our interlocutor without some reference that proves that he is really worthy of our interest.

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