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  • Playful title
  • The playful title is very popular with young people, but that does not stop you from using it also in more serious market segments.

That’s because, when you use it, you will do differently. It is very difficult for a user to go unnoticed by a funny message. So use good humor to captivate you. Here are some examples:

  • “No one has patience with me”: know what to do when your boss is nervous
  • Do not be the Google villain! Learn about the top black hat techniques
  • Marketis de Conteúdis: X digital marketing tips to learn from Mussum
  • CTA Title
  • A call to action is an invitation to the reader to take some action. In content marketing texts, they are used at the end of the text, right after completion, but nothing prevents you from using them in the title as well.

They work as a slogan, but they do not have an authoritarian effect. Instead, they make mental suggestions that stimulate the desired attitude, as you’ll see in the following examples:

  • Click here and learn how to revolutionize your business marketing industry.
  • Access this text and learn how to optimize your campaigns on social networks
  • Can not engage your users? Read this text and know the best tips

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Shocking Title
The striking title comes with words that impress the reader. It has the function of bringing a sense of fury, urgency and importance to the text. Here are some examples below:

  • How to Create Epic Texts for Your Audience
  • Fantastic Digital Marketing Strategies to Entice Your User
  • The incredible case of the company that reached the top of Google in 3 months
  • Title of testimony
  • The title testimonial uses the perception of other people to attract the user. In the digital world, people trust each other, so this can be a great way to attract more readers. Here are some examples:

“Inbound marketing has changed the direction of my company,” says CEO
João da Silva: “How I Triple the ROI of My Business with a Simple Tip”
“People need to treat their employees as they treat their clients,” says professor of sociology

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