Simple Argument Essay Topics to Inspire Students

How to Choose the Most Appropriate Argument Essay Topics

When an assignment is due, students often take time to go through it to ensure they submit the correct paper. For argument essays, this means that they should be structured expertly to ensure that each point given has value to the essay. The main issue in formulating the right topic for an argument essay is ensuring that it is interesting enough to warrant the attention of the audience.

That said, understanding how to come up with a good argumentative essay topic is not as easy as it seems. For starters, creating a topic is a substantial task that requires patience, dedication, and the ability to gather information. If you cannot complete the task, then do not worry because having a topic is one of the easiest ways to make your argument essay intriguing and captivating. Do not strive to come up with a good topic if you are unsure of how to proceed. No matter how you approach this task, it should help make your argument essay compelling.

How to Select the Right Topic

The topics you come up with should give a clear answer to the question of who the subject of the essay is directed to. Suppose your argument is on the effects of smoking; you should come up with a topic that is positive. The research you do should answer the following questions;

  1. Is this a topic that the general population would agree on?
  2. Is this a topic that will affect the young generation?
  3. Is this a topic that could be affecting the economy?

Going for a topic whose general population seems to agree is a sure bet as it will produce a vast following. You should read the opinions of the experts in this field before choosing an argument essay topic. Furthermore, no topic is enough as there should be a need to have strong backing to help shine your argument on the students.

Following the steps outlined above will ensure that you come up with a fascinating topic that will not only inform your readers but help earn you top marks. Ensure that you craft the topic in a way that it can be comprehensive and hence capture the attention of the teacher. Some common topics that students will get to use are the effects of smoking, its effects on society, effects on young people, and its repercussions in the economy. Each of these topics, when considered, gives a clear statement as to who the topic is to the main point, i.e., their effects or effects on society. After you are done with the research, go straight to formulating the topic. It is essential to remember that your topic should also be clear, informative, relevant, and brief.

H2: Elements of a Good Argument Essay Topic

The above topics are ideal to compose a good argument essay with, yet students often find it challenging. If you have already worked on your current topic and find it more challenging, it is good to take a break and relax. While in this state, you can come up with topics that will not only make your essay exciting but can also help you polish your skills. These elements include:

  1. Names of subjects
  2. Research materials
  3. Summary
  4. Place and period
  5. Popularization
  6. Is this a topic you agree with?
  7. Frequency of research
  8. Factors that affect the research

The above sections should be included as a separate paragraph, and the name of the subject should come last. Once you have worked out all the aspects, start working on the assignment.

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