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However, when a person, company, brand and even – why not – show that you like comes up in the conversation, your opinion of the other can turn into a matter of seconds: who would say that he or she also likes that theme?

When talking about a text title, mere mention of a popular reference to your persona can also act as a trigger to arouse your immediate interest. For this reason, it’s no wonder that texts with titles such as “Copywriter Profile: Find Out What X-Men You Are” are much more successful than a mere “Find Out What Your Copywriter Profile Is”.

But be very careful with these references. You have to use them at the right time. A blog where all articles connect with elements of pop culture will hardly have the credibility of the reader, especially if the subject discussed is a little more formal, such as economics, politics and finance, for example.

In summary, references are always welcome, but it is essential to find a connection with the profile of the persona or the business of the company that owns that blog. On the contrary, everything may sound very strangely and your headline may lead to the text being a major failure.

Awaken curiosity

There is nothing more dull than someone who, in the first contact, tells you everything about your life. A little mystery is essential, do not you think? To show that you are interesting, without at the same time delivering everything – that is, making the other person curious about you – is important so that he or she wants to know more and more about you. Likewise, your title will hold such importance to your content.

Leave the audience curious. Do not hand everything over: Show that you have information the reader wants and have him read what you wrote to the end to discover it. Instigating the reader by showing that you have the key to solving your problems, for example, is an excellent strategy.

So, instead of writing a title like “slim down by doing physical exercise and eating well,” you’d prefer something like “The secret to losing weight once and for all.” Far more thought-provoking, do you agree?

Think of it this way: if a person tells you everything she likes that the escort does on the first date, she will quickly know how to act, and the achievement will probably not be so much fun. In the meantime, if it signals and guides you on the path to conquest, you will feel enthused to meet that challenge and unravel the mystery.

The solution to the problems

Speaking of the key to solving an issue, it is a fact that all people are looking for something special, and on the first date, you must demonstrate that you may be exactly what you are missing, either in the company in which you want to work or in the life of that person with whom you would love to start a relationship.

Seeking to understand what the other is seeking and how you can fulfill that desire is an infallible technique to leave you wanting to know yourself more deeply.

When you make a web title, this will to find what was missing is also present. That’s why you need to find out what the challenges your audience are facing, and then show in the headline that your content has the solution to those problems.

Assuming your reader is having trouble with the calls-to-action engagement of your site or blog, for example, mention the heart of the question in your title. Use alternatives like “7 simple ways to create a CTA that converts”, not just “Tips for making CTAs”.

This is because today, people are looking for solutions to their problems on the internet, so it is no use understanding the root of their problems and understanding what their causes are, if you will not propose a practical solution at the end of the text.

In addition, it is important to remember that the solution to problems needs to be fairly clear in the title. Instead of “Increase your store average ticket,” choose to show the tool that will be used, for example “How to use product mix to increase the average sales ticket.” Thus the reader becomes curious about the correct strategy and already knows that he can implement this solution in a practical and self-employed way.

Do not promise something you can not keep

On the other hand, a serious problem in making a first impression is to get a different picture of what you really are or have to offer. From the moment the other person approaches and realizes that you are not what you appear to be, they will move away and will not give credibility to anything you say. So you should never try to look like something you are not.

Likewise, your title should not simply indicate that you have the solution to a problem of your audience if you are not able to offer it for real. A liar title, which promises something that content does not deliver, creates a feeling that the reader has been cheated and is wasting time with your text. This makes all other information, even good ones, lose their relevance.

Your title should strictly promise what your text has to offer: “secrets to losing weight,” but never “miracles to lose weight,” or “killer tips to not miss more,” but not “a guarantee that you will never go” err”. That way you prevent the reader from getting frustrated, hoping to get a response you can not give.

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